Real Friends

"Being bipolar sucks. First, almost everyone who knows is gonna treat you differently. You get upset? Oh well I mean, why don't we calm down because, I think we know why you're upset suddenly your feelings aren't valid. And then you have a battle in your mind. You were having a great day and then … Continue reading Real Friends


Keep an open mind

"I suffer from what is most likely schizoaffective disorder (we are in the process of locking down a solid diagnosis, but this is almost certainly it) amongst other mental illnesses. For as long as I can remember I have had delusions and hallucinations, I have suffered from paranoia, depression, suicidal thoughts and the desire to … Continue reading Keep an open mind

Suppression vs Protection

As a child, I learned how to suppress instead of protect. Emotions were frowned upon and communication was distant in my household. As I've gotten older, matured, and engage in recovering, I've learned how to protect than suppress. I've learned how to voice my feelings to protect myself. I've learned that suppressing gives whatever it … Continue reading Suppression vs Protection


Between relapses with Bulimia and the highs/lows with Bipolar Disorder, I've learned over time to know how to ride the storm. I know I will eventually get to a place of normalcy after hypomania or depression, but while in it everything feels daunting. Like now, with summer approaching it's inevitable that hypomania is coming. I … Continue reading Battles

Motivating through lessons learned

I've come to a place recently where I'm coming full circle. I'm learning how to take my battles and share with others how I've changed them into lessons learned. I feel a personal responsibility to share what I know because you never know who can relate and find comfort in knowing someone has survived it. … Continue reading Motivating through lessons learned