Real Friends

“Being bipolar sucks. First, almost everyone who knows is gonna treat you differently. You get upset? Oh well I mean, why don’t we calm down because, I think we know why you’re upset suddenly your feelings aren’t valid. And then you have a battle in your mind. You were having a great day and then boom, it doesn’t matter, nothing matters. You can’t see good anywhere. Or someone just died. You know you should be sad but you can’t help feeling on top of the world invincible. Everyday you have to sift through feelings and carefully think everything you do because you know you could really screw up. And then you have the people  who use words like bipolar or depressed to describe their casual  moods. Bipolar is a real disorder. It’s not just an adjective you can play with. If you know anyone with Bipolar Disorder,  or any mental disorder or illness, please send this to them so they know they aren’t alone.” –emily_shadow11


2 thoughts on “Real Friends

  1. Couldn’t have said it better, sadly. Life is unjust. Mental illness is unfair. Yet, we are forced to fight when our mind says “give up”…
    Your posts are really accurate and though provoking, and your blog is raw and honest 👍👌❤️ xx


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