“I’ve struggled with depression and anxiety for majority of my life so far, but it didn’t get any worse until my senior year, two years ago. I drank alcohol every weekend, all weekend. I partied every Friday and Saturday night to get hammered and forget about my problems, be happy and have a fun time. I made many mistakes. I let people take advantage of me: friends or just boys. I let people walk all over me and I let people hurt me. It wasn’t until a year ago I accepted help for my depression, bipolar and anxiety disorders and stayed at Carrier Clinic for five days, after my stay at carrier, my boyfriend at the time broke up with me and said it was because my issues were too much for him. I never heard from again since that day, but that’s totally fine with me now. However at the time, my world was torn in half. I wasn’t going to school, I lost many friends, I lost my boyfriend, and currently was on medical leave for work. My world felt bleak, empty and hopeless. In regards to losing friends, they left for the same reasons; because my anxiety and depression was too much for them. Today, I am a lot better than I was. Stronger, happier and healthier. I’ve made great, true, new friends and an amazing boyfriend who walked into my life when my world was crumbling down. They taught me the love and treatment I’ve always wanted and deserved and that’s all I could ever ask for. It’s funny, because now that I’m better, my old friends tried reaching out to me again. And guess what, I respectfully turned them away. My struggle taught me, those who cannot handle you at your worst, do not deserve you at your best. The people who have caused me pain the past, remain in the past, and they’ll never be able to have the privilege of getting to know the new and improved me; and that’s the greatest feeling.” – ck_yogi

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