​”I’ve been depressed as a child; from being bullied at school to come home towards a toxic family. I met my “love of my life” in 6th grade, understood me, listened when I felt scared all the way until sophmore year of high school when they wanted someone closer at their school. I became majorly depressed, grades dropped, come home to a father that yelled how suicide was a sin and I’d go to hell. I attempted on December 7, 2015 for the first time. The second time, my family urgently wanted to get me help. I met a foster teen who listened to my every struggle and painful night until I fell asleep. My brother, whom has made me remember what love really felt like. Although we’ve lost contact, Ill reunite with you one day to cherish you and the love you’ve given me. Your love gives me hope, that I’ll survive my mental illness.” – hime.fmmml

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