Awareness of the physical symptoms 

​In high school, I used to get horrible stomach ulcers and headaches which were the result of my uncontrolled anxiety. I think that is when I realized the importance of holistic health and glad I had a mental health professional that focused on it. Mental illness can manifest physically and sometimes it takes physical pain … Continue reading Awareness of the physical symptoms 


Loving myself 

​ "In the midst of my battle with Major Depressive Disorder, I had given up on life completely. I lost all reason to live, the pain being unbearable, happiness seeming like a myth, and hope virtually nonexistent. Every minute of every hour of every day was a fight to stay alive. Then, unexpectedly, God decided … Continue reading Loving myself 

Addictive behaviors 

​It's so hard to keep this one in check. I find something that fascinates me and I try to learn everything I can about it. Sometimes to the point where it's harmful to myself (cutting out certain foods, not sleeping due to researching, etc...) Balance will always be my struggle. I get fixated and don't … Continue reading Addictive behaviors