New interview

Check out my interview with HowamIfeeling. This is an amazing website that allows you to express yourself creatively and share with the world. Let me know what you think!


Guarding my peace

I've learned to guard my peace. I have to disconnect to process everything going on. My mental illness doesn't allow me to rationalize within the moment at times so it's best for me to distance to regroup. The amount of saturation of unrest in the world leads to increased anxious, may trigger a mixed episode, … Continue reading Guarding my peace

Out of Darkness 

"I've been struggling with intense emotions and suicidal thoughts and attempts since I was 15. I was diagnosed with depression, anxiety and borderline personality disorder in May this year and then bulimia in August and I am 23. Getting help, getting medication and getting therapy is helping me and teaching me so much about myself … Continue reading Out of Darkness 

Deserve to be here

​"Mental illness actually tried to teach me the opposite, that I was the worst person who had ever lived and deserved to die. But through great friends and family support, and through treatment, I learned that I am simply human. I've made mistakes, but so has everyone else, and that's okay. We all deserve to … Continue reading Deserve to be here

Feelings vs Episodes

​There is a difference from when I'm depressed and going through a depressive episode. Feeling depressed is a reaction to something going on. I'm able to process through the emotion and find a sense of understanding for it. This is different from when I'm going through a depressive episode. A depressive episode involves a unexplained … Continue reading Feelings vs Episodes

Realistic expectations

I used to get upset when I felt misunderstood and expecting others to just "get it." That was my mistake. I can't expect others to be empathetic or sympathetic. I have to accept that others may not understand my mental illness and behaviors. I have to understand others may pull away because it is out … Continue reading Realistic expectations