“I’ve learnt that people make mistakes. They make mistakes throughout their life either through circumstance or naivety. I’ve made mistakes and have always blamed myself my whole life for most things that have gone wrong. I was diagnosed with depression when I was 19 after being sexually assaulted and yet for years after that, I still blamed myself and Him.
I blamed myself for being a recluse. I blamed myself for putting myself in that situation. I blamed myself for not protecting myself. I blamed myself for having alcohol. I blamed myself for every single thing after that and my anxiety levels were at a new high.
So now, I forgive. Because life is too short to be carrying heavy weight and bad vibes. Let your past define you but don’t let it take over what could be your future. ❤️”

Thank you for sharing Jessica!

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One thought on “Forgiveness

  1. this kind of reminds me of something that happened recently. I haven’t talked to someone in a year and they asked me for a favor out of nowhere. I immediately thought they were going to say, “Do me a favor and stop doing blah blah.” I haven’t even seen this person but I already thought I did something wrong. It’s incredible how much horribleness we see in ourselves without any reason to. I like your idea of forgiving myself before I blame myself even if I did nothing wrong. Maybe this will just lower my anxiety 🙂

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