Realistic expectations

I used to get upset when I felt misunderstood and expecting others to just “get it.” That was my mistake. I can’t expect others to be empathetic or sympathetic. I have to accept that others may not understand my mental illness and behaviors. I have to understand others may pull away because it is out of there realm of normalcy. I’ve grown to not be resentful towards these people. I respect their distance and it is probably best for managing my mental health anyway.

3 thoughts on “Realistic expectations

  1. This is a struggle. When you are twin and one of you is ill and the other isn’t part of you expects the other to understand. You were born together, know each other better than anyone else ever will. When your twin walks away it’s devastating no matter the quotes or therapy. You keep trying but it still feels like something is missing.


  2. This is sad, but true. I’ve lost a lot of people because of my mental illness and had people dislike or just reject me because of my behavior. I do feel I’m different now, but what was done is done for some people. I have told myself not to grieve the loses. I just move on.

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