Daily reminders

Some people have daily goals, and I used to, until I changed it to daily reminders. I believe goals are what you want to achieve that you haven’t achieved yet. I see reminders as what you want to achieve that you have achieved before. Managing my mental health requires reminders before I can set goals at times. I break them up into three’s to account for morning, afternoon, and night. 

For example today:

  1. Morning: take medications, wash my hair, and freewrite.
  2. Afternoon: work on a blog post and read for at least 30 minutes.
  3. Night: drink chamomile tea and express 3 things I’m grateful for before falling asleep.

This is and reading past posts keeps me accountable. I can’t express how reading and sharing others’ posts has helped me. Thanks for sharing because it truly could help someone that may be struggling.

What are you daily reminders?


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