Trust in my supports

I started therapy when I was 13 and it was an horrible experience. I was just released from a psych ward for an suicide attempt, given diagnosis of Clinical Depression, GAD with OCD tendencies, and Bulimia. The outpatient therapist wanted to focus on my fear of snakes and that’s it. I switched therapists and got a new psychiatrist that told me that my impulsive behavior/insomnia from the antidepressants were in my head (come to find out I was misdiagnosed and the reaction is typical for Bipolar Disorder with antidepressants only). Also that since I was black, I couldn’t have an eating disorder. I began to shut down in sessions because being open was pointless when others were trying to tell me how and what I should feel. Always have a voice in your treatment. Trust in your mental health professional is key and if you don’t have it, see what your options are. Vulnerability was needed to heal core issues and I couldn’t have done that with someone I didn’t trust. 

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