​”An eating disorder/self harm ruled my life for far too long and I’m finally beginning to realise that my body is not a battleground; it is the most fantastic, wonderful thing I will ever be given and I need to protect it. Even though I’d never show my scars to anyone, I felt as though they were proof that I really was hurting, that this wasn’t all just in my mind. Well, turns out it is all in my mind — but why should that make it any less valid?

While physically destroying myself somehow made it easier to ask for help, it didn’t solve anything. The secrecy and shame that come along with eating disorders/self harm muted my voice in a time when I so desperately needed to be heard. Now I’m learning how to talk about my emotional pain, rather than try to show it. There’s a long road ahead, but I’m not walking it alone. It continually amazes me how supportive individuals can be if you simply start the conversation.”
Thank you for sharing! Check out their website here.

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