Unexpected places

​"I've been single for 2 months now and I am dealing with withdrawals from seeing my children morning and night... I end up questioning everything that is going on around me and cannot make sense of this life anymore. Even though I act strong, I feel broken. If you have been through what I am … Continue reading Unexpected places


Humility vs Self-degradation 

"I always thought that my total disregard for my value as a human was me being super humble. I didn’t see how unhealthy it was. Now that I am in active recovery from my addiction, eating disorder, and depression, I have gained so much self-respect. I show myself more grace that I ever have, because … Continue reading Humility vs Self-degradation 

Support breeds awareness 

​I believe it is important for people to know that there are many avenues to end the stigma.  You aren't "suffering in silence" because you don't feel comfortable telling your story. I've been told this in the past and only recently felt comfortable in sharing. You don't have to share your story until you are … Continue reading Support breeds awareness