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Month: April 2017

Healing wounds

“I was diagnosed with chronic depression for seven years with what seemed to be no direct reason, I just had no ambitions and passions to motivate me each day. When I realized the only reason I was sad was because of myself, I got medication and support from my family to help myself heal. However, I still have moments of weakness when I fall back into a depression-like state. Truly, depression, at least in my case, never went away, it just became less of a priority.” Anonymous post. Thanks for… Read more Healing wounds


As I’ve mentioned before, I struggle with seasonal changes with Bipolar II Disorder. Right now, I’m trying to manage my anxiety and avoid a mixed episode. With this, I’ve noticed the importance of check-ins especially as I tend to keep to myself a lot. It let’s others know authentically what’s going on with me. It reminds me that others have lives as well but they still care about my well-being to want to know how I am. It’s appreciated on both sides. So I have 3 questions: How are you… Read more check-in

The right support

**Trigger warning….weight/numbers** “I’ve never been happy with my body. I was 10 stone and afraid even to wear shorts when the sun was burning outside. So I started a diet. I cut out certain foods and made my portions smaller. I exercised more and more everyday to try and lose the weight. By October, I was 8 stone, but I couldn’t stop. December had me weighing 7 stone, and by April, I was weighing just over 6 stone. In January, my parents noticed I was having problems eating and had… Read more The right support