The right support

**Trigger warning….weight/numbers**

“I’ve never been happy with my body. I was 10 stone and afraid even to wear shorts when the sun was burning outside. So I started a diet. I cut out certain foods and made my portions smaller. I exercised more and more everyday to try and lose the weight. By October, I was 8 stone, but I couldn’t stop. December had me weighing 7 stone, and by April, I was weighing just over 6 stone. In January, my parents noticed I was having problems eating and had stopped me from doing exercise after I went too far one day. We agreed that the problem was there, but it was one we couldn’t sort alone. I started seeing a specialist team who helped, but my physical condition deteriorated and I ended up in hospital. Now, I’m in an inpatients unit getting all the help needed to get me back on track, to get me healthy.”

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