As I’ve mentioned before, I struggle with seasonal changes with Bipolar II Disorder. Right now, I’m trying to manage my anxiety and avoid a mixed episode. With this, I’ve noticed the importance of check-ins especially as I tend to keep to myself a lot. It let’s others know authentically what’s going on with me. It reminds me that others have lives as well but they still care about my well-being to want to know how I am. It’s appreciated on both sides. So I have 3 questions:

How are you feeling?

What are you struggling with? 

What are you proud of?

Me: I’m feeling anxious but I’m coping. I’m struggling with getting enough sleep. I’m proud of my awareness of what I need to do manage my anxiety.

Feel free to answer the questions or use them to check-in with someone. I know for me it makes me feel heard so I hope that’s the same for someone else.

2 thoughts on “check-in

  1. I don’t have bipolar disorder, but I can imagine that it’s a real struggle.

    anyway, since you asked:

    How are you feeling? Generally out of it, lonely
    What are you struggling with? Depression, self-loathing, anxiety
    What are you proud of? Putting a narcissist in their place on Sunday


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