Ebbs and Flows

“There are a lot of things that come with having severe panic disorders, insomnia, depression, and anxiety. People either want you to fake it till you make it, or they will be there for as long as they can handle it. Not everyone has the mental strength to handle what we go through every day. I have lost my best friends, my brother, my father and my some childhood friends.

I also found people who would stay on the phone for hours with me. People who would do anything to ease my pain. One friend said the kindest thing ‘I needed a break so I could become the friend you deserved.’ The people who stay know I’m their Leslie Knope. I have friends willing to learn, and the ones who don’t that is fine too. Some people just aren’t strong enough to have that in their life, but I’ll always welcome them back into my life when they are ready.”

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