Thinking vs Feeling

“This is something I use to help explain my struggle to others. I KNOW my boyfriend loves me and he had done so many amazing things to show it, but sometimes I FEEL like he’s going to get sick of me and leave me for a mentally healthy person. I KNOW the severe affects my depression, C-PTSD, and anxiety have on me, but I FEEL like I’m just being lazy, not trying hard enough, that I should be stronger. In my dark moments when I can’t keep my mental illness at bay irrational emotion trumps rational thought every time.
My biggest (healthy) coping mechanism has always been my sense of humor. I’ve been using my Tumblr as a way to express my current struggle with my mental health and to reach out to others like me for the first time through memes, meaningful posts, and other random things I enjoy like illustrations and adorable things. I am always an open door for anything anyone wants to talk about.
Hang in there, lovelies. Weather the storm. Soon we will be able to see the shore. Don’t stop fighting.”

Thanks for sharing! Feel free to check out their Tumblr here.


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