It is ok to not understand

“I constantly battle with my own thoughts every single day, yet no one will ever notice because I put a mask on my face. I know that I will never understand my own thoughts, and it’s ok. Though it has caused a great amount of pain, I fight it every day with the same strength. Thankfully I have a caring family and a loving partner. I’m also thankful for music because it keeps my mind busy and distracts me from my own dark thoughts, I want to thank one special band for helping me out on this one. A big thank you goes out to twenty-one pilots, you have no idea how much your music helps and how relatable it is.
To anyone out there battling any sort of mental illness, you can do this! Do not let it consume you, you’ve got to be strong, I’m here if you need someone to talk to. Life is tough but it’ll be worth it someday, as long as you STAY ALIVE |-/ (+) !!!

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