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Month: December 2017

Symptoms vs Diagnosis

I was diagnosed at a young age with Clinical Depression, Generalized Anxiety with OCD tendencies, and Bulimia. I followed the treatment plans, found others with similar diagnoses, but something wasn’t working. I was getting worse. I was misdiagnosed. After my freshman year in college and psychotic breakdown, I was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder II. All my previous diagnoses were symptoms of Bipolar II Disorder. The anxiety, depression, purging were symptoms/behaviors of my untreated mental illness. With having an misdiagnosis, I understand the importance of treating the symptoms and not put… Read more Symptoms vs Diagnosis

Meaning and acceptance

“Its great to hear all the stories and perspectives but sometimes I just have to take things as they are. I have generalized anxiety, so always finding a meaning can fuel it. Not trying to find some deep meaning has helped relieve some of my anxious feelings. It is ok to accept certain things as they are.” Anonymous post. Thanks for sharing!