Stepping back

Oh the rabbit hole I fall into when I overthink, especially when I rationalize things to fit my current state of reality. I’ve learned how to step back and try to process situations rationally. This can be tough when you have impulsive/obsessive thought patterns, history of psychosis, or other factors that can cause rumination or detachment from reality.

Something that has helped me in the past and recently is freewriting. I will set a timer (usually for 5 minutes) and just write whatever comes to mind. In the past, I used to bring these to therapy sessions and my therapist would help me process through them. With breaking them down, she taught me how to step back and assess them realistically. This has helped me recently with the issues I’ve been having with anxiety. This can also give me an “temperature read” of if things are getting out of control and I need to follow up for more professional guidance.

I would love to hear about any coping techniques you use.

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