Emotional Intelligence

I know anyone that struggles with mental illness understands the battle between the rational and emotional mind.

I’m reading “Emotional Intelligence” by Daniel Coleman again. I remember one of my psychology professors recommended it to me in college while working with him during an independent study. If you are a psych nerd like myself or just interested in the topic, I highly recommend.

Parts of the book focuses on “first feelings, second thoughts” and as someone that struggles with intrusive, obsessive thought patterns it helps me understand how my mind works at times.

“…with emotion feeding into and informing the operations of the rational mind, and the rational mind refining and sometimes vetoing the inputs of the emotions.”

Therapy definitely helped me understand how to sort through and process intrusive thoughts because they used to turn into compulsive behaviors to soothe them. The behaviors were temporary fixes without getting to the root of the problem.

Reading this book again reminds me of how important emotional intelligence is with not only understanding ourselves, but also society as a whole.

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