Preparation with flexibility

Over the last couple years, I’ve grown to understand how to manage my episodes better. This has been interesting because when I was younger, I lived with a fear that as I age it would get harder. Personally, learning how to manage bipolar episodes has been accepting preparation with flexibility.

This summer has been busy. I’ve travelled and been more social than my norm, but this has also taught me the importance of staying self-aware of a possible hypomanic episode. At times, forcing myself to sleep because that is my biggest trigger. Now that we are going into September, I need to switch my focus. My depressive episodes are longer and tougher because they start off very subtle and if I’m not mindful they can become debilitating.

I usually build off the last year and see how it works. Last year, I gave myself more time in the morning before work to either read or do yoga. I do have a therapist and I will check in with her to go over the “game plan.” I think one important thing I try to do is help people understand this transition. I usually need more time to myself and that can be hard for people to understand. Solitude can fuel a depressive episode, but for me it can provide clarity and introspection I need to work through it.

If you deal with seasonal depression or bipolar depressive episodes, what do you do to prepare for them? Do you allow yourself the flexibility if something doesn’t work?

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