Bouncing back

It’s been a while and really not sure how to even begin.

I don’t know how to describe 2020 for me so I will just leave it as interesting. I was fortunate to maintain all my basic needs with no interruptions and found time to engage in more of my passions. Given this, I was also able to help others the best way I could that I knew were struggling.

Emotionally, many things came to the surface for me. My community was reminded once again our existence was a threat….our lives, our voices, our rights. It was always there because I was raised with this awareness but to still have it in your face so prevalent and consistently, felt like a series of stabs.

Yet 2020 taught me that everything I thought was pointless had a means to an end. I was fortunate to have access to services and a support system at a young age. The years of therapy, coping mechanisms, trying different treatments, making myself a priority, etc gave me the ability to be resilient through these times.

I needed a break to process what the world was giving me but I’m back now.

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