Hyperawareness in recovery

I’ve talked about this before but it is something I think isn’t talked about enough especially in recovery.

For a while, I lived in this state where I was so worried about triggering an episode that I was just fueling other maladaptive behaviors. I was so concerned about trying to avoid depression or hypomania that I created this rigid bubble that I couldn’t live up to which made me more susceptible to having an episode. So the cycle begins.

While we must remain aware, we can’t set up a life that is unrealistic to maintain in the long term.

One thought on “Hyperawareness in recovery

  1. Extremely true. I’m always aware that something will trigger me from my period to phone calls. Unfortunately this means that I pass a lot off onto my husband. And after four recent stints in mental health units I think it’s easy for him to worry.

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