Celebrating her

May is an interesting month for me. May consist of Mother's Day, my mother's birthday, and around the time she got sick that led to her death. Over the years since her death, I've gone through multiple emotions with this month. Sadness because I missed her. Anger because she left me. Envy for those that … Continue reading Celebrating her


Just to be heard

May is Mental Health Awareness Month. Awareness is key to breaking the stigma that is associated with mental illnesses. This is also a time for people to share their stories of personally dealing with an mental illness or loving someone with an mental illness. Awareness not only comes with education, but it comes with sympathy … Continue reading Just to be heard

Emotional Intelligence

I know anyone that struggles with mental illness understands the battle between the rational and emotional mind. I'm reading "Emotional Intelligence" by Daniel Coleman again. I remember one of my psychology professors recommended it to me in college while working with him during an independent study. If you are a psych nerd like myself or … Continue reading Emotional Intelligence

Being uncomfortable

This is especially for the people that feel stuck in their recovery and struggling with making that "first step" towards treatment. It is ok to be uncomfortable. Treatment is going to constantly test you. You will be pushed to places that you may have buried for years. I've spoken before about vulnerability and I feel … Continue reading Being uncomfortable