​This is especially true with treatment. After an suicide attempt at 13, I was required to start therapy. I was originally diagnosed with Clinical Depression and was told I couldn't have Bulimia because I was black (studies have shown that black women are more likely to struggle with Bulimia and BED). Given me and my … Continue reading Assertiveness 


​People say you can't love someone else until you love yourself, but I've learned how to love myself from loving other people. These are people that showed me authentic, unconditional love. I felt safe to express my feelings, especially with my uncertainties and doubts about the relationship. I'm grateful for these people. They taught me … Continue reading Love


​I'm an introvert but with anxiety issues, I tend to enjoy my solitude. The only issue is that with Bipolar Disorder, too much isolation can trigger an mixed or depressive episode. I need solitude to recharge especially after work or social settings but I know the importance of still engaging with others for my mental … Continue reading Solitude 

Physical and mental health 

​I've always enjoyed working out but I've learned to adjust my workouts according to my moods. Over the years I've learned to listen to my body and respond to what it needs. With Bipolar Disorder, I have seasonal patterns. More depressed in fall/winter and more hypomanic in spring/summer. Fall/winter is more yoga. My depressive episodes … Continue reading Physical and mental health