Happy New Year

We enter a new year today. Many did not make it to see this day. Many are still struggling to make it to the next. I hope you keep fighting. I hope you find the strength to lean on what keeps you going. I hope those that didn't see today are at peace. Happy New … Continue reading Happy New Year

Falling isn’t failing

Sometimes you have a plan and life says "let's try something else." Some things I wished for, in hindsight, I'm glad they never came to fruition. For years, I shamed myself for dropping out of graduate school. Mentally and physically, I was spiraling downward. I couldn't imagine where I would be if I continued to … Continue reading Falling isn’t failing

Without explanation

This mostly goes for myself, especially with self-talk and rumination associated with anxiety. When I learned how to set boundaries for myself and not overthink, I'm more productive with myself and also being there for others. For me to constantly go over this in my head, at times, leaves me "stuck" causing more issues. I've … Continue reading Without explanation