Acknowledgement and Accountability 

​There aren't "negative" emotions, just destructive behaviors as a result. Growth came with being taught how to acknowledge my emotions and hold myself accountable for the actions. Positive thinking made me stagnate for years because I didn't acknowledge the feeling/thought before trying to change it. "Staying positive" helped in the moment, but I needed to … Continue reading Acknowledgement and Accountability 

Support breeds awareness 

​I believe it is important for people to know that there are many avenues to end the stigma.  You aren't "suffering in silence" because you don't feel comfortable telling your story. I've been told this in the past and only recently felt comfortable in sharing. You don't have to share your story until you are … Continue reading Support breeds awareness 

Gratitude and Altruism 

​The holiday season always brings a sense of gratitude and altruism for me. Seasonal depressive episodes are tough, but I know they are temporary so I have to push through them. Appreciating what I have and engaging in selfless acts help ground me around this time. Perspective is everything and thinking outside of myself helps … Continue reading Gratitude and Altruism 


As holidays are here and some are still approaching, there is the anxiety of family gatherings. Family could be your comfort or trigger. Mine has been both through the years. There is the battling an eating disorder and hearing comments about your weight. There is fighting an depressive episode and faking happiness to get through … Continue reading Thankful

Expressing gratitude

​"I've been suffering from an eating disorder for over 2 years, and it has completely stolen from me my sense of satiety, body positivity, ability to be happy when I'm not in control, and my appetite. I get sad and jealous when I see people around me that don't suffer from these things, but then … Continue reading Expressing gratitude