Trust in my supports

I started therapy when I was 13 and it was an horrible experience. I was just released from a psych ward for an suicide attempt, given diagnosis of Clinical Depression, GAD with OCD tendencies, and Bulimia. The outpatient therapist wanted to focus on my fear of snakes and that's it. I switched therapists and got … Continue reading Trust in my supports

No shame

​"Being depressed, autistic or mentally challenged in some way don’t always bring forward the pleasent and appreciated sites of your personality. It can make it difficult til coexist with others and make you seem cold and dismissive; even though this is not the case. Going to therapy helped me figure out how all the implicit … Continue reading No shame

Realistic expectations 

Sometimes I swear I'm superwoman and I'm supposed to accomplish it all. But life has a way of humbling me and making realize that I need to slow down. I can't make normal goals because I have to take into account seasonal changes, medication side effects, and setting aside time to sit back and reflect … Continue reading Realistic expectations