Sometimes seeking treatment is about regaining your voice and your power. At times we may think that no one cares how we feel, so we hold in. We sit with these feelings that continue to weigh us down. My power comes from working through these feelings and my voice allows me to release them. Everything … Continue reading Regaining

Forgiveness is not mandatory

While forgiveness can lead to healing, it can also keep you stuck. When it comes to others, you can't force people to accept responsibility. You can't make someone feel regret, remorse, or empathy. Given your lack of control, you can't make someone forgive for their actions. I struggled with this a lot as a very … Continue reading Forgiveness is not mandatory

Preparation with flexibility

Over the last couple years, I've grown to understand how to manage my episodes better. This has been interesting because when I was younger, I lived with a fear that as I age it would get harder. Personally, learning how to manage bipolar episodes has been accepting preparation with flexibility. This summer has been busy. … Continue reading Preparation with flexibility