Thinking vs Feeling

"This is something I use to help explain my struggle to others. I KNOW my boyfriend loves me and he had done so many amazing things to show it, but sometimes I FEEL like he's going to get sick of me and leave me for a mentally healthy person. I KNOW the severe affects my … Continue reading Thinking vs Feeling


Relationships and Mental Illness

​Relationships can be tricky when you are trying to manage a mental illness or love someone with a mental illness. There is educating yourself if you are newly diagnosed, but also educating your partner. There is determining your triggers, but also explaining to your partner how to recognize the signs. There is a constant battle, … Continue reading Relationships and Mental Illness


​People say you can't love someone else until you love yourself, but I've learned how to love myself from loving other people. These are people that showed me authentic, unconditional love. I felt safe to express my feelings, especially with my uncertainties and doubts about the relationship. I'm grateful for these people. They taught me … Continue reading Love